QuackSmack: Tuesday, 10/24/17

Hosts: Matt Tyra, Nick Baxter, and Maverick Pallack

6:00 Football Reeling For 3rd Week in a Row

  • Can this team win a game without Herbert?
  • What’s happened to the pass rush?
  • Appreciating Royce Freeman

6:20 GUEST: Joey McMurry (Oregon IMG)

6:30 Duck Volleyball Gaining Steam, Utah Next

  • Defense going under the radar?
  • Where healthy Oregon team ranks in Pac-12
  • Utah, part 2: what’s changed?

6:45 Oregon Soccer Struggles into Home Stretch

  • Can they win out?
  • Will it get them into the tournament?

6:52 Astros-Dodgers Collide in World Series

  • Checking in on the game
  • Series predictions