STORY: Oregon’s Front Seven Showing Steady Improvement

After struggling through all of last season, Oregon’s defensive front seven is making major and steady improvements in 2017. Despite the loss, the Ducks’ front seven pushed the Arizona State offensive line all night, totaling 13 tackles for loss and four sacks. A lot of the disruption is credited to Jalen Jelks, who set new career highs for both tackles for loss and sacks in Tempe. The unit as a whole, though, is also improving. Sophomore Troy Dye, who is looked upon by many as the leader of Oregon’s defense, tallied just two tackles in the first half but the Oregon front still managed one of its better overall performances of the season. With a tough stretch of games upcoming for the Ducks, improvement in that area could prove to be a difference maker.

STORY: Oregon’s 3-4 Defense is Steadily Improving in 2017 (by Marc Grandi)