QuackSmack: Wednesday, 8/30/17

Hosts: Alex Castle, Ian Gerig, and Cameron Derby

6:03 Oregon Football’s Offense Preps for Southern Utah 

  • What challenges does Week 1 pose for Oregon’s offense?
  • Just how good do they need to look?
  • What’s Oregon’s identity and how do they show it on Saturday?

6:15 More Football: The Ducks’ Defense Looks to Make Strides 

  • Audio from the Ducks’ starting safety Mattrell McGraw
  • Who will/should step up for the Oregon defense?
  • What does defensive success look like vs. Southern Utah? For the season?

6:30 Oregon Soccer Adds Road Game 

  • Will now travel to UC Irvine, how does it affect the schedule?
  • Heading to Boise to take on Oklahoma, Cal Poly
  • Must-wins?

6:40 Oregon Volleyball Set to Host Oregon Classic 

  • First match tomorrow night, expected dominance for the weekend
  • Thoughts on the Ducks’ defense after the first weekend
  • What questions do you still have about this team?

6:50 Around College Football 

  • Alabama-FSU and Michigan-Florida headline Week 1
  • Other games you’re excited for?
  • Playoff predictions