QuackSmack: Thursday, 6/8/17

Hosts: Alex Castle and Matt Tyra

QuackSmack is live from the Valley River Inn. Watch the live Periscope broadcast on twitter @KWVASports

6:00 Wrapping up the Softball Season 

  • Final thoughts on 2017 WCWS
  • Grading the year for Oregon
  • A look to the future: Improvements and new challenges for 2018

6:20 NBA Finals 

  • Breaking down the final minutes of Game 3
  • Is LeBron to blame for the loss?
  • What more can the Cavs get?
  • How impressive have KD’s performances been so far?
  • Warriors with a chance for the sweep, 16-0

6:45 Quick Hitters

  • Bob Stoops retiring from Oklahoma
  • OSU Baseball, Luke Heimlich story

6:50 All Aboard the Bandwagon 

6:55 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be Vol. 33