QuackSmack: Monday, 5/22/17

HOSTS: Marc Grandi, Tyler Kastan, and Maverick Pallack

6:00  Oregon Softball Advances to 8th-Straight Super Regional

  • By the skin of its teeth, Oregon stays undefeated in Regional play
  • What went wrong on Saturday?
  • How does this weekend prepare Oregon for future weeks?
  • Who’s the best hitter on this team?

6:20  GUEST: Mike White (Oregon Softball Head Coach)

6:30  Oregon Baseball Wins Series vs. Trojans

  • Good starts from Peterson, Stringer and Ducks capitalize
  • Gutsy performance by Ducks on Sunday to win series
  • What is this team still playing for?

6:50  NBA Playoffs

  • Checking in on Warriors-Spurs Game 4
    • Does Golden State close it out tonight?
  • Cleveland finally drops a game
    • Largest single-game playoff upset in recent memory?