QuackSmack: Thursday, 5/11/17

Hosts: Alex Castle, Austin Cracraft, and Shawn Medow 

QuackSmack is live from the Valley River Inn

6:00 Oregon Softball travels to Stanford for regular season finale 

  • Breaking down Game 1
  • What to watch for the rest of the weekend
  • Importance of the series
  • Looking ahead to the postseason

6:20 Oregon Baseball kicks off the Civil War 

  • Live update from PK Park (Greg Kelly)
  • Ducks without Peterson tonight
  • Keys and predictions for the series
  • Is the season lost?

6:35 NBA Playoffs 

  • Cavs and Warriors at home watching
  • Spurs and Celtics grab 3-2 leads
  • Predictions

6:45 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:50 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be, Vol. 30