QuackSmack: Thursday, 4/27/17

HOSTS: Marc Grandi, Alex Castle, and Matt Tyra

QuackSmack is live from the Valley River Inn

6:00  Oregon Softball Preps for Civil War

  • Losers of six of last nine games
  • Are the Ducks ready to break out of slump?
  • What does the team still have to play for?
  • Is this a must-sweep?

6:20  Oregon Baseball Welcomes in Arizona State

  • Losers of five-straight games
  • What has gone wrong?
  • Is this a postseason team?
  • Is this a must-sweep?

6:35  Oregon Football Spring Game Two Days Away

  • Players to keep an eye out for

6:40  NFL Draft

  • Any surprises yet?

6:45  All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:50  The FCC Won’t Let Me Be, Vol. 28