QuackSmack: Tuesday, 4/11/17

Hosts: Alex Castle, Tyler Kastan, and Austin Cracraft

6:00 Oregon Baseball Takes on Portland 

  • Arizona coming, but momentum building again
  • Carranza with a solid outing
  • Where’s your confidence meter at?

6:15 GUEST: Steve Mims (The Register-Guard)

Live update from Collin Catman at PK Park around 6:25

6:25 Duck Softball Looks to Recover from First Losses 

  • Ducks do just enough to lose the series
  • Is Oregon as good as they’ve looked up until this point?
  • Another big series up next with Washington
  • Arizona the true favorite in PAC-12 now?

6:45 Oregon Football Spring Camp Underway

  • Different vibe around the new coaching staff
  • Thoughts on the QB position?