Friday Night Spotlight: Friday, 3/17/17

Oregon Softball (6:00-8:15)

Friday Night Spotlight Sports Talk (8:15-9:00)

HOSTS: Austin Cracraft, Maverick Pallack, Tyler Kastan

8:15 Oregon Softball begins conference play

  • Review game one of series vs Cal
  • How long can this win streak continue?

8:25 Oregon MBB takes round one of the tournament

  • Defeat Iona 93-77
  • Is Tyler Dorsey turning into a draft prospect?
  • Looking toward round two vs Rhode Island/Creighton

8:40 Oregon WBB begins first NCAA tournament experience

  • Matchup vs Temple
  • Does this team need a victory for the season to be seen as a success?

8:50 Oregon Baseball continues to outperform expectations

  • Looking at score of first Pac-12 game vs Cal
  • Most impressive part of the team so far?
  • Have expectations adjusted after a strong start?