QuackSmack: Thursday, 2/23/17

HOSTS: Chris Clayton, Zach Bigley, and Marc Grandi

6:00 Dillon Brooks does it again

  • Ducks win ugly, gained first lead late in game
  • Dillon Brooks… is he the best Oregon player of all time?
    • Who did it better…. Sabrina Ionescu or Dillon Brooks?

6:15 Oregon women’s basketball¬†

  • What can Oregon do this weekend to help themselves in March?
  • Keys to victory vs both Cal and Stanford?

6:22 Ducks softball playing at Hawaii at 8 PM

  • What are the expectations for this tournament?
  • Biggest concern for the team to improve so far?

6:37 UO baseball back in action tomorrow night in Tony Gwynn Classic

  • What is there to build on from Fresno State series?
  • What do you want to see improved?
  • Taking a look at the field of tournament

6:45 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:50 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be, Volume 22