Ethiapath’s Interview with CVSKET Records!

KWVA DJ Ethiapath of the show Trapped (Saturdays, 6-8 am, Winter 2016) had the pleasure of interviewing SVMBORGHINI and RIVERS of CVSKET Records in the studio the other day! Check out a bit more about the local hip hop crew below:

Imagine you’re walking through a graveyard on a foggy winter night in Eugene, Oregon. You see something out of the corner of your eye. When you look, nothing’s there. What could it be? That eerie feeling best describes what CVSKET Records sounds like. Heavy 808 basses and haunting melodies at their disposal. CVSKET Records is an up and coming underground hip-hop super group based out of Eugene, Oregon. Having just played their first show at the WOW Hall, I had to get them in the KWVA studio for an interview.

CVSKET poster (1)

Ethiapath: Alright, so CVSKET, how did you guys get started in the underground rap game?

SVMBORGHINI of CVSKET: Well me and Rivers [of CVSKET] here have been on the grind since middle school. It wasn’t until last year that me and Rivers became close friends and we got together and started getting more serious. We started out with just a USB mic and Audacity. Now we’ve been learning DAW’s and condenser mics.

Whenever I look on my soundcloud, there is always a new project that just dropped. How do you keep up with releasing that many projects?

S: We just flow out creativity. We’re getting better at planning it now.

These days you can get a record deal – you can get a hit with just a laptop and a microphone.

S: It’s insane! The music world has changed drastically and it keeps evolving and it will keep evolving and it’s a beautiful thing, honestly.

I’ve heard some people have accused you of being devil worshipers.

RIVERS of CVSKET: It’s just creativity honestly. It’s not like we’re supporting the devil.

S: We just make some dark music sometimes. Nothing wrong with that.

You guys always seem to find some unique samples from the news or some crazy demon voices. How do you guys find those sounds?

R: Bro, I’m weird. I like to watch movies in different languages and convert the audio over. SVMBORGHINI does it too, but he does it like music-wise.

S: It’s experimentation. We love to experiment; we love to create a cinematic feel to everything. Make things sonically dope. We like to create atmosphere in what we do. It’s more than just spittin’ on a beat, it’s more than just rap.

Listen to the rest of the interview from CVSKET Records below!