QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: Friday, 2/12/16

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

Hosts: Alex Castle, Greg Kelly, Jack Bloom

6:02 Friday Night Spotlight Preview with Chris Clayton

6:05 Men’s Basketball Gets Blown Out in Berkeley 

  • Surprised by the outcome?
  • Just an off night, or exposed by Cal?
  • Impact of the blowout

6:20 Looking Ahead to MBB at Stanford 

  • How does Oregon rebound from Cal?
  • More pressure after the loss?

6:35 Women’s Basketball Hosts Utah

  • Reaction to the game thus far
  • Preview of Colorado game

6:45 Softball Season Finally Under Way

  • Recap of Cal Poly game
  • Look at the Ducks matchup with Georgia State
  • What’s the importance of this first weekend?

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-8:30)

This Week’s Featured Game:

8:30 Recap of Oregon WBB vs. Utah 

8:45 Recap of Oregon Softball vs. Georgia State