QuackSmack: Tuesday, 1/12/16

HOSTS: Zach Bigley, Stephen Woodworth and Jack Butler

6:00 Men’s Basketball with Strong Home Stand

  • Finished 2-0 vs Bay Teams
  • How much stock do you put in these wins?
  • Oregon’s PG situation

6:10 Head out to the Mountain Schools

  • Match-ups vs Utah and Colorado.
  • Can they win on the road and do they need to prove something?
  • Take advantage of these games before a tough stretch after?

6:20 GUEST: Hayden Kim (Daily Emerald)

6:35 Women’s Basketball Struggling Through Tough Stretch

  • Was this expected?
  • What is going on in the second half?
  • Is the Pac-12 just that good?

6:45 CFP National Championship Game

  • Alabama 45, Clemson 40.
  • Tired of the Crimson Tide?
  • Where does this put Nick Saban among the all-time greats?