QuackSmack: Monday, 12/7/15

QuackSmack: Matt Tyra, Brett Brennan, Alex Castle

6:00 Oregon Football’s Match-up with #11 TCU

  • How does Oregon stop TCU’s offense?
  • Other enticing match-ups?
  • Who wins?

6:12 CFP Semi-Finals

  • Did the committee get the order of the top 4 right?
  • Looking at match-ups, who wins semifinals? Who wins it all?

6:28 Oregon MBB Loses to UNLV

  • Any concerns after the loss?
  • Where does the team rank in the Pac-12 now?

6:42 Volleyball Season Review

  • After early season expectations, was it a successful year?
  • Where can the team expect to be next year?

6:52 Oregon WBB 

  • After this year, huge recruiting class comes in. How important is this year?