QuackSmack 12/4/15

QuackSmack: Jack Bloom, Alex Castle, Greg Kelly

6:00 Volleyball; Playoffs, Season overlook

▪ Next year, complete season overlook. 

6:15 Oregon WBB Still Undefeated

▪ How good will this team be against good competition? (I.e. The Pac-12)

6:30 Oregon MBB Improves to 6-0

▪ Good win against Fresno State

▪ Look ahead to big road game at 8 PM Tonight against UNLV

▪ Quick look at upcoming non-conference schedule

▪ What will it take to make this team a top 10 team? 

7:00 Oregon Football Recap

▪ Recap of the season

▪ What’s next for Oregon football (bowl game, players headed to draft?, next year).             

▪ Defensive and Offensive MVP’s

7:30 National CFB Picture 

▪ Overlook of championship games

▪ Pac-12’s rank within Big 5 conferences? 

▪ Heisman and Championship picks and winners