QuackSmack: Thursday, 11/19/15

HOSTS: Ryan Rouillard, Chris Clayton and Zach Bigley

6:00   Volleyball Takes Care of WSU

  • More positives or negatives out of Wednesday’s win?
  • Challenges with UW ahead

6:10   Football Braces For Trojan War

  • X Factors
  • Better group of WRs? (And who will defend them better?)

6:25   GUEST: Michael Lev (The Orange County Register)

6:35   Women’s Basketball Taking on Hampton in Home Opener

  • Update from Kevin Buckley at Matthew Knight Arena
  • Building off the UNC win
  • How the pieces come together for the Ducks

6:40   USC Trivia

6:50   “Mascot Mania” with Chris Clayton

  • Season score: 33.5 out of 36