QuackSmack: Wednesday, 4/22/15

HOSTS: Preston Hiefield, Anthony Piganelli and Tyler Timm

6:00 Oregon Softball

  • Huge non-conf series vs. ULL at Howe this weekend
  • More, less or equally important as a Pac-12 series?

6:15 GUEST: Mike Skow (Sports Director, KEZI 9)

  • Mariota Sandwich Statue, Oregon SB, BSB

6:25 Oregon Baseball

  • Horton, Heineman suspensions vs. UW
  • Third starting pitcher

6:35 GUEST: Oregon Pit Crew

6:40 Odds and Ends

  • Marcus Mariota Subway Statue
  • The truth of the crab legs
  • Blazers/Grizz tonight

6:55 AP’s Rant