New DJ Spotlight: DJ Space Cadet

This week on the blog, we’re featuring new DJ, DJ Space Cadet! Check out what he’s all about below.

dj space cadet

DJ Space Cadet (far right) featured with his band, Trucks Go Easy.

Name: DJ Space Cadet

Show title and time: Currently unnamed, Thursdays 2-4 am Winter 2015

Genre: Current and old rock n’ roll, garage rock, lo-fi

Artists he spins: Ty Segall, Velvet Underground, The Sonic, Deer Tick

Hometown: Ballard, Washington

How he got his start with KWVA: After attending a good amount of basement shows around Eugene, he met a lot of people involved in the radio station. From there, he was inspired to share his music and become a DJ as well.

Favorite moment so far: Doing a live ticket giveaway to the Sir Mix-A-Lot show. Callers called in and rapped 16 bars of a Sir Mix-A-Lot show on-air in order to win tickets!

Where you can see him in the future: As long as his schedule permits, he’s looking to snag a coveted 10 pm – 12 am slot one of these terms. But for now, you can catch him from 2-4 am Thursdays.

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