Quack Smack: Thursday, 4/10/14

HOSTS: Joey McMurry, Ryan Rouillard, and Travis Teich
PRODUCER: AJ Untermeyer

6:00  –  NAB Recap

  • Joey and AJ are back from the National Association of Broadcasters Show.
  • Why we were there and what we saw.

6:02  –  Bralon Addison Tears ACL

  • Reports coming that Addison suffered ACL tear during non-contact practice.
  • How this affects team.

6:15  –  GUEST: Andrew Greif (The Oregonian)

  • Spring Football
  • Bralon Addison’s ACL tear.

6:25  –  Oregon Diamond Sports

  • Waiting game on Krook’s MRI
  • Could this season crash and burn?
  • First look at the softball Civil War

6:35  –  GUEST: Ariana Williams (former Oregon Volleyball player)

  • Recapping her career at Oregon.
  • Looking ahead to the future for Oregon and for Ariana Williams.

6:50  –  Sports Movie Trivia

  • Ryan takes on Ariana this week to see who knows sports movies better.